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5-Elements Pottery Water Kettle

This pot was designed to include Chinese 5-Elements Philosophy : Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.


Metal : The handle, made with Copper, it was design to carry easily.

Wood : The knot on the lid, it wont conduct the heat to prevent injury.

Water and Earth : Water and the Body. Using pottery to heat up water is well-known to increase taste of water, and it looks more elegant than metal body. The hole at the back instead of top to prevent the steam to injure your hands.

Fire : The source of heat. This kettle can be used on any heat source, except induction stove. 


We have 3 sizes:

#9 - 1800 CC

#12 - 1500 CC

#13 - 1200 CC


Made in Taiwan. Buy it fast, they are discontinued due to the age of the master. These kettle are very well-known in Taiwanese Tea Culture.

5-Elements Water Kettle

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